Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Third Secret of the Fatima

The revealed third secret of the Fatima came out in a local papers last Saturday. It's also being circulated through emails. I'm not a Catholic (well, I used to be one), but the prophecy, which is expected to be fulfilled within the present millenium, is something to ponder on and monitor. The three significant signs mentioned are:

  1. A man in a very important position will be assassinated and this will provoke war.

  2. A powerful army will dominate all through Europe and the Nuclear War will commence.

  3. A powerful 8-hour earthquake.

There are other details indicated in the prophecy. It says, for instance, that:
"God will allow all natural phenomenon's like smoke,hail, cold, water, fire, floods, earthquakes, winds and inclement weather to slowly batter the planet. These things will come to pass before the year 2010."

Interestingly, concrete signs of global warming are currently piling up such as forest fires, rising sea levels, and warmer winters, among others. We should not forget, too, the continuing depletion of the ozone layer and, of course, the tsunami disaster in December 2004.

On the positive side, the message-- and the actual events unfolding before us-- is a call for repentance, a reminder of God's love and mercy, and of the power of prayer. If we don't believe the prophecy, at least we should take note of what's really happening to planet earth. In the first place, as the message states at the onset, "we never know when we will be leaving this world...."


Blogger Mary said...

I have a copy of this document, it's a few pages long, and it's really scary. At least, we're past the year 2000 now. The document really states that these things will happen between 1950-2000 if we people don't change our ways. It seems God has been merciful to us coz we're still here now.

11:02 AM  
Blogger Major Tom said...

This is really an interesting piece since i also had some messages that i have seen from the sky which sort of forewarn us of nuclear war if men will not change for good.In short, i have also my own prophecy.

Could you send me the link or the name of papers where the prophecies have appeared?

Check my prophecies at http://masdal3.tblog.com

Yours Truly,

Perseus, The Daily Prophet

5:36 PM  
Blogger Stan said...

It would be interesting to see a compendium of all the prophesies of doom made by major religious groups around the world that have been anxiously awaited only to pass peacefully to the great disappointment of the masses the true believers. You could start with the Book of Revelations and progress all the way through European history (to name only the part of the world I'm familiar with) through to modern times. The modern era alone would include the many disappointments of the Mormons, the Seventh Day Adventists, the many fundamentalist groups, and yes the Catholics with all their bleeding statues and whatnots.

4:41 AM  
Blogger roh mih said...

Stan, there are existing compilations of all prophecies already. You may wnat to visit http://www.crystalinks.com/proph.html. I don't take these prophecies too seriously really.

Perseus, the Fatima prophecy was published in two parts in The Philippine Star. The first part is in the Saturday, December 15, 2005 issue and the second part in the Monday, December 17, 2005 issue. This version, however, differed slightly from the e-mail version I received-- with significant implications. The "1950-2005" period mentioned in the former is read "1950-2000s" in the latter.

8:25 AM  
Blogger Stan said...

It too shall pass.

8:31 AM  
Blogger Stan said...

The subconscious mind is a wonderfully creative and brilliant aspect of all normal personalities. When it gets the impression that creating a certain idea will bring the person prestige in the community, or at least some ardent followers, and that person needs applause badly, it will go to great lengths to produce wonderfully worded prophesies, and it will make it seem like they are not the work of the person's own mind but come from God Himself. This happened to me once when I spent a month as a hermit in the wilderness doing nothing but writing poetry, nothing until God began to speak to me. And there are all kinds of examples of this in our society today, from Marianne Williamson, to a guy (I don't remember his name) (Neal Stephenson, I think) who has had several popular books published now called "Conversation with God", to, no doubt, Perseus the Daily Prophet, who introduced himself above, to all the writers of the prophesies in the different sects of the major religions, none of which ever came true. And no doubt to the writer of Revelations himself, which sounds very much like it was written "automatically", as I did mine. All these people are totally convinced it is all coming from God, because their subconscious doesn't have a name it uses for itself. It only produces.

6:26 AM  
Blogger Stan said...

And when asked if it's God, it likes to oblige and say, "Yes."

11:12 AM  
Blogger Christopher I said...

Prophecies are to do with going from present time to future time, from where it can be reported what will happen. I believe that when we sleep we can go into a timeless dimension where we go from the present into the future and see what’s in store for us,

This may explain the phenomenon of deja vu where, if we find ourselves somewhere, we sometimes feel we’ve been there before. But we may previously have dreamed we would go there. Why should those pre-cognitive dreams we hear about only concern apocalyptic events? Why shouldn’t they be about the quotidian?

I, myself, dreamed, just the other night, about an innocuous, but unusual, incident in an international sporting event, which I discovered happened a day or so later when I read the news on the internet. Perhaps if we are all more observant we may see that, when we sleep, we go into the future more often than we suppose.

One of the most famous prognosticators was Nostradamus. But whenever I’ve read his predictions I’ve found them so vague that they make sense only because I know the particular events subsequently happened. Thus, anyone who read Nostradamus at the time he lived, wouldn’t have understood what he meant.

So, predictions by the famous may be little more than the equivalent of Rorschach blots, where we see only what we wish to see.

9:34 AM  
Blogger celia kusinera said...

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