Thursday, September 16, 2004

Office Anniversary Mass

It was the 11th anniversary of our office yesterday. On this occasion, I wrote this poem entitled "Office Anniversary Mass", which I also posted in Poemhunter :

They turned the conference room
into a makeshift chapel:
through the glass partition,
I see the priest
probably giving his sermon.
I watch him from a distance,
but not hearing a word,
while I quench my thirst
with a cup of cold water.


Blogger Stan said...

Your poem has the flavour of a haiku. And of a dream. I once had a dream of standing on a hill overlooking a dry valley, beside my 'guru' you might say, and a great rush of water was pouring into the valley from just beyond him. The energy of life and the spirit, I think.

By coincidence I just posted the first poem on my site.

1:06 PM  

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