Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Military Joke

In the meeting on child soldiers yesterday, where i presented an update on the government's program to address the issue, someone brought up the case wherein a child soldier wanted to surrender, but because of the so-called "no firearms, no surrender" policy, the person couldn't surrender since he didn't have a firearm. During the discussion, everybody had a good laugh because of a joke that went like this:

Conversation between a military personnel and a young rebel...

Rebel: Sir, I would like to surrender.
Military Official: Okay, where's your firearm? Hand it over, please.
Rebel: Sir, I don't have a firearm.
Military Official: No firearm, no surrender!
Rebel: But, sir, I'm just a cook. How can I have a firearm?
Military Official: Buy one from me.

Again, this is just a joke!


Blogger Ederic said...

Hello po. Magkakilala ba kayo ni Boyet Caparas? Pareho kaming columist sa inoy Gazette at nagtataguyod din siya ng kapakanan ng mga bata. :)

12:47 PM  

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