Saturday, August 14, 2004

Haiku for the Right Brain

the storm is over
in the company of birds
dancing blue waters

This is a haiku I wrote and posted for the daily haiku writing contest in . I'm not after winning the contest though. I'm simply after the experience of composing that short japanese verse form. I find haiku writing to be an excellent way of relaxing, meditating and exercising the right brain which is often neglected by professionals who usually do technical work which relies mostly on the left brain. The site I just mentioned is perfect for this (you may wish to try it!). Everyday, it presents an inspirational photo and then you compose a haiku based on your observation and reflection on that photo. You can even read other's entries too.

Actually, a haiku should be based on one's actual experience or encounter with nature or one's environment, and not a simulated one (as in the abovementioned case. I just do that for fun and for brain workout.) My "more serious" haiku poems, reflecting my actual daily experiences, are published in .

In these days of living dangerously and precariously, haiku writing is a good source of lasting inner peace.


Blogger Stan said...

Your haiku is very beautiful. You're inspiring me to get back to writing poetry. The only one I could say I have written for some time is actually the title and description of my blog: Fisherman of the Air: One hand clapping like crazy. Your blog is very beautiful as well. I'm very glad I found it. Hope you don't mind - I've put a link to it on mine.

6:51 AM  

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