Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good Roots

I discovered something free at Hi-Top Supermarket: a magazine titled 'Good Roots' which feature articles on Buddhist principles and practices. I guess I've missed a lot of issues already since the one I got is Volume 14, Issue 4 already. The material is produced by Amita Educaitonal Foundation of the Philippines, which describes itself as an oganization that is 'dedicated to promote compassion in our society, harmony in our family, and peace in our mind.'

What I like most in the 20-page issue I have are the vegetarian recipes -- Bean Sprout Omelette and Okra and Bean Stew, and the excerpt from 'The Book of Zen - Freedom of the Mind'. The excerpt, entitled 'Buddha or Demon, All in Thought', has this message: whether something is favourable or unfavourable depends on how you look at it.

The magazine is distributed freely at:

  • The Universal Wisdom Foundation, 3rd floor, Gilmore IT Center Bldg, 8 Gilmore Ave. cor. 1st Street, New Manila, QC
  • Chaa Tea World, 1st floor, Robinson's Place, Padre Faura St., Ermita, Mla.
  • Hi-Top Supermart, 36 Aurora Blvd., Project 4, QC
  • Quan Yin Chay, 621 Msangkay St., Binondo, Manila
  • Bodhi Vegetarian Restaurant, 878 Banawe St., QC
  • Bodhi Vegetarian Health Food, Tutuban Center Mall, Manila


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