Sunday, April 08, 2012

Did Jesus Ever Chase a Dragonfly?

Did Jesus ever chase a dragonfly?
had fun as a kid? Flown a kite
before he preached of heaven?
did he ever play with a paper boat
or build sand castle by the shore,
this man who calmed the sea
and made fishers his disciples?
Of his childhood days, nothing
much is written,but he spoke deeply
about little children
and sparrows, lilies and mustard seeds.
Through his lines I see
the holy child in the wild outdoor,
frolicking with nature,
among the lambs, in fields of wheat,
and under the shade
of blooming olive trees.
Salvation is a serious matter
and the Gospel is no fairy tale;
his nailing on the cross is hard to bear:
is he God or just plain martyr?
Sometimes though we need to
take the Word in the lighter sense;
to believe in him is to be a child again.


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